Scoring rules during the Competition Jury proceedings:
Technical skills - show  the proficiency of the participant (0-6 points)
Fluency of performance - shows the abillities to perform technical and musical aspects of the piece  (0-3 points)
Ability to use elements of a musical work: articulation, dynamics, melody, rhythmics, harmonics, colors and agogics - shows the level of being able to perform using wide range of musical expressiveness (0-6 points)
Style of interpretation, artistic values ​​of performance - show personal understanding of the piece, the correctness of reading through the music and passing it to the audience confidently, or one's original interpretation (0-6 points)
Self-presentation - shows the beauty of performance, elegance of the outfit, self-control on stage, bows and smiling. These should charecterize every artist (0-3 points).
A maximum of 24 points can be obtained.

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